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problems uploading pictures

  1. Am I the only one who is having problems with the uploading function? The jpg files I'm importing aren't showing up (I get the broken link image). This has happened intermittently over the past two days.

  2. landofpuregold

    I am having the exact same issue no matter the browser, clearing cookies, etc.

  3. Same here, I cannot up load images

  4. I'm having the same problem too. It's when I upload new pictures. If I use an image previously uploaded in my media gallery, it shows up to just fine.

  5. Images aren't uploading for me also. If they do upload, they just wont show.

  6. Hi guys, we're currently looking into some image uploading problems. We'll get back to you asap.

  7. That modlook tag sure works

  8. I had the same problem on my account yesterday and the guys at my host site said they resolved it, which it appears to be. Now I am having the same problem here on my account.

  9. Good, I'm glad that someone is doing something about this.

  10. Phew, just thought there was something dodgy with my connection since picture uploading worked fine yesterday. Hope the team at get this sorted soon :)

  11. teachernotebook

    Yes, I am having the same problem with jpg, png and gif files under both Vista and XP, (Firefox browser for both). When I go to the URL for the picture I get 404 file not found. Also there is no thumbnail in the library for recently uploaded files.

  12. Yes, I'm having the same problem.

  13. arrrgggghhhhh - please fix :(

  14. Everyone is probably experiencing this problem, everyone at WordPress.Com

  15. Yes, it happened yesterday too. Please try to fix this.

  16. Me too!

  17. Me too! :-(

  18. I am having the same problem too.

  19. laurelynelaville

    Yes, also experiencing this issue at the moment.

  20. Yes, I hope that the support can fix this.

  21. I'm also having this same problem...let's hope it's fixed soon :/

  22. accidentalsexiness

    Why are we having picture upload problems, AGAIN?! I can't work this way.

  23. Yes, I really need to get to work. I hope WordPress fixes this soon.

  24. Ya problems please fix thx

  25. Pictures upload but dont show up.

  26. Same problem. Little box with the red X is all I get.

    WordPress becomes increasingly tiresome.

  27. Same problem. Tried using both IE and FireFox, just to double check. No luck.

  28. heightslibrary

    Worked for me this earlier this morning and yesterday afternoon, but it wasn't working by this afternoon. Can't wait till it's fixed!

  29. Still not working... Well... on to the next project! I'll just check back later... :(

  30. I am having the same problem. when i upload the picture it does not show up, and I cannot crop the custom image header.

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