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problems uploading videos using windows live writer

  1. hi all. got a problem... yet again. I use windows live writer to blog (previous on live spaces and now on wordpress) but I discovered that I am unable to upload videos. I read somewhere in forums to use scott's video upload plugin. I have been using his.. and it still does not work. I have to end up uploading the youtube video separately using wordpress online editor. What's wrong?

  2. Do you try to upload video files to or do you try to embed youtube videos?

  3. i believe windows live writer embeds it. apparently it worked for someone else here in the forums. (I can't seem to track that person's msg!)

  4. I have WLW also I paste the youtube video url into my post and when I publish to my blog the video shows and works just fine I tryed using the video HTML code when I got WLW
    and ran into same the problem your having

  5. oh! really? let me have a try and it.. and get back to you as soon as i can!

  6. Does it work if you insert this kind of code in WLW?


  7. i just tried that. go to my site and you'll see what you'll get. lol.

  8. I forgot to mention that when you paste the youtube video URL into your post
    using "Windows Live Writer" It will display a non working video until you publish
    to your blog.

  9. but yeah. it looks like just pasting the youtube url in the blog works just fine. my goodness! then why do we even need a plugin to insert videos?

  10. thanks for the help guys. y'all are awesome!

  11. Does it work if you insert this kind of code in WLW?

    [youtube=] <?blockquote>

    No need for the wordpress short cut format all you need is the URL of the you tube video
    when your using "Windows Live Writer". When you publish to your blog "WLW" Will
    format The youtube video URL into wordpress short cut automatically

  12. thats weird it quoted my wording to ?? and I had my wording on they out side of the HTML tag

  13. Yeah, I figured that when I saw the result on puresecrets' blog. I think, I should install XP on my machine again to have the Windows perspective handy.

  14. heres a link to a post that I wrote about "Windows Live Writer" it also has a link to a tutorial
    video on you tube which will hight light WLW's features
    windows live writer

  15. @puresecrets Your welcome

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