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    I’m having a lot of trouble posting articles and uploading images. There are interminable wait periods between the time I hit the Submit button and ANYTHING happens. I can usually get the article posted, but only after multiple attempts. But the photos — I can’t even get them up to the Media Library. Watching the modem and router lights, the lights dance when I hit submit. After that, even though I am told the computer is “transferring from” or “waiting for,” the modem lights say otherwise, nothing happens, and eventually it times out. Takes me to a white screen and a message of “Done.” If I hit “Refresh,” there is another very long wait before I see a white screen or it finally decides to show me the site again. I’m FRUSTRATED!!!

    Using an XP system with Firefox 3.5.4. Have blogged here regularly for about a year with no problems. This slow down started, for me, about a month ago. Have you put measures in place to encourage us to use PicApp and _discourage_ us from uploading pictures? I’m not too happy with PicApp yet because I can’t check the page layout during the editing process because I can’t SEE it. Just the code.

    The blog I need help with is



    Please provide the complete url for your wordpress.COM blog starting with http://


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