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    Does anyone know how to get more than six or so entries to show up on the “following” page? I subscribe to many blogs but don’t want to get e-mail notifications – I like to read them on WordPress. I used to have a big long list of entries every time I clicked on the “following” button (formerly “subscribed’) but lately I can only see the six or so most recent entries from the blogs I follow and am unable to see older entries, so I am unable to see all the updates from the blogs I follow unless I visit their specific sites. Is there any way to fix this so I can see more than the “front page” of the feed list?

    Also, I follow several blogs that are not WP hosted (added by url). Some I get in my following feed, but some do not show up at all, despite being updated with new entries. Including some blogs that used to show up in my feed, but don’t anymore. Is there any way to change this or is it something that is happening on the other end with the blogs I follow?

    The blog I need help with is



    First check your settings. reference links:

    Then log out, clear your browser cache and cookies and then log-in and view the relevant page again. If you do not witness a change you will need Staff assistance to sort your problem, so please post again and let us know if your problem still exists after taking those steps.



    Okay, I cleared my browser cache (Google Chrome) which I assume also got rid of cookies. I logged off before doing so, then logged in again and I can still only see seven blog posts at a time in my following feed and there is no way to scroll through to see older posts.

    I am not e-mail subscribed to any of the blogs I am following because I prefer to read them on WordPress. The settings seem to only have to do with whether or not you want posts e-mailed or IM’d or texted or whatever to you, not how many you would like to show up in your WP feed.

    I know my “blogs I follow” feed used to show more than just seven posts at a time. So I don’t know what changed to make it only seven. It’s normally not too much of a problem because I check every day, but occasionally I am away from WP for a few days and when I come back, I miss things if more than 7 blogs have new posts. And occasionally the more than 7 blogs I am following post more than 7 new posts.

    So, in closing: nothing has changed. And please help me fix it so I can see more than 7 posts in my blog feed. Thank you.

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