Problems viewing Picture Galleries on WP using Windows XP and Internet Explorer

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    I have people who use windows xp and internet explorer 8 who cannot view the pictutre gallery on my WP website. The photos appear as a narrow strip and the slideshow is dark and the photos overlap. I turned on my old XP computer and had the same problem. There is no trouble viewing the site on Google Chrome and on Firefox on the old XP but it doesn’t work on Explorer. I have cleared the history and cookies, tried refreshing the page – nothing works. Suggestions?
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    The blog I need help with is



    I just viewed your blog and your images on windows XP using IE8, Chrome 22 and Firefox 16.0.1.

    I strongly suggest that those running IE8 wake to the fact that Windows 8 with IE 10 is being released on October 26th. As of November 15th Google will no longer support IE8. Consequently, logic would dictate that those who are on XP like me need to download Firefox or Chrome and start using them.



    I guess I think that if WordPress knows about this problem, they should be trying to find a fix for it as this influences folks who are thinking of using WP to plan a website and know that they have viewers who are not always up to date or able to easily become up to date. (for instance senior citizens who can use something that is easy and doesn’t need any fixes)


    What do your mean by problem?

    What do you mean by “fix”?

    I have clearly stated above that I am running windows XP and that I have no problem at all viewing the blog in the browsers I listed.
    Firefox 16.0.1
    Google Chrome 22.0.1229.14

    As there is no problem no fix is required.

    Also what’s with the ageism? I’m heading towards becoming a senior citizen in just a few years time but I have what it takes to click this button and download a browser version that’s current and reliable.


    P.S. I’m the same person as timethief. I’m logged in under my other username.



    Hmmm, I AM a senior citizen so I am not picking on a group that I am not part of.
    Some seniors don’t have trouble changing browsers, switching from XP to Windows 7 or 8 and some just can’t manage changes like that.
    The PROBLEM is that some of my friends (and myself on my old XP computer) could not see the photos as other than a narrow strip when using IE8 as the browser. Also the slide show did not work to view the full size photos in the gallery. So for us there is a problem. What are you doing to make it work for you?
    Have you any non complicated solutions for those who can’t view the photos or slide show?
    I suggested to one friend that she download Chrome and try that and she didn’t have an idea of where to begin to do that (and she is the friend who isn’t a senior).
    Most of the folks I know are not comfortable doing anything other than opening their browser and clicking on a web site. If the site doesn’t work when they click on it, they simply can’t view it and can’t work out an alternate way to make it work.



    Have you any non complicated solutions for those who can’t view the photos or slide show?

    Yes, your friend can start at That page has all the major browsers listed and linked. At work I’m running XP SP3 and FireFox 16 works just fine with it. Download FF, install it by double-clicking on it and set it as the default browser when you first open it. Done. You can also import all your IE bookmarks as a part of the installation. It’s very easy. FWIW I already qualify for an AARP card, too. :)

    As tt said above, support for IE8 is being dropped by Microsoft when it ships Windows8 this month (which will include IE10). Google has announced that it will drop support for IE8 mid-November. So better now than later.

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