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Problems viewing the blog with Internet Explorer

  1. Hi

    since past friday we have problems viewing the blog with Internet Explorer 8. The page is displayed without structure (Could it be related with CSS?).
    we've tried with different computers so we think that is not a browser cache problem.
    No problem with Firefox 4
    You can see here:

    If needed we can send a snapshot.
    Blog url:

  2. I recommend you to upgrade your Internet Explorer to its latest version.

    Could you also send us a screenshot of the page where you're seeing this?

  3. We run Windows XP, so we can't upgrade to Explorer 9. Most of computers in our university run XP to, so the problem is global.
    You can see the snapshot here:


  4. Can you please check the following links for me? If they are working properly, you will see a bunch of text.

    Are you viewing the site from a business or residential location? If you are at a business location, do you have any firewall or filtering software such as SonicWall which could be blocking some of files needed to load the site properly from your location? > The website have been tested with IE8,IE7, Firefox, Google Chrome.

  5. Yes, I see a bunch of text with that links.
    We have a corporate antivirus-firewall Sophos Endpoint Security and Control 9.5 but everithing works properly until a few days.
    Have you tested the homepage with IE8? I've noticed that single posts looks well.

  6. Is this issue limited to one computer or do you see the same thing on several computers?

    Can you please try clearing your cache and cookies?

  7. Hi paolal

    yes, with all computers with IE. Even I tried a computer with IE9.
    After many tests I've seen that setting display to 9 posts at a time (instead of 20 as before) the problem disappears.
    I do not understand why. I would say that there is any problem with a blog entry (with the code) but I could not detect which one.

  8. Ok, this explains what is happening: the CSS stylesheets for your pages are downloaded after the rest of the content.

    If you page is very long and heavy, and your connection slow, the browser can stop downloading files before it has finished, and then the page is displayed without the CSS stylesheet, as raw black text on white background.

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