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Problems with adding users

  1. Hey..
    I have some troubles with adding users to my blog (
    They dont recieve the "asking-mails" that im sending!?

    I think it has somethink to do with these problems i had:

    Hope you can help :)


  2. Try sending one to me (theapparatus ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com) to see if it makes it there please.

  3. It's done now :)

  4. Got it fine. My money is something on their ISP's end like it's showing up in their spam folder. They need to contact their provider and discuss it with them.

    edit: A quick check of the major anti spam lists shows that the Ip address it came from shows that it's not listed.

  5. hmm, okay.. Yeah, i will try to find out what is wrong..
    but thank you for your help :)

  6. birchwoodmanor

    I have tried adding a number of people as users but nothing happens. No messages are received and no one shows up in my list of users.

  7. Birch, feel free to send me an invite as per above to see if is going out.

  8. birchwoodmanor

    Done, and I see you now listed as a user. This is strange as no one else I try to add shows up? Does the user have an account in WordPress?

  9. Does the user have an account in WordPress?
    Yes they do.

  10. That explains a lot! Thanks...

  11. I got the invite from Birchwood Manor by the way.

  12. Hi, I'm having trouble adding members. They have wordpress accounts but when I enter their e-mail address, nothing happens. Earlier when a user was added, it used to say 'new user added'
    Please help :-(

  13. Mutiny, are the users getting the invite emails? Make sure they check their spam filters to see if the invites are getting dumped in there.

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