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Problems with Akismet

  1. For a number of hours now I have been getting this message everytime I click on Akismet to check on comments listed as Spam:

    "Cannot load akismet-admin"

    Is this happening to anyone else?

  2. Yes, it happened to me earlier. I got that message when trying to go directly to the spam page from the Dashboard main page. I could get to the spam page by clicking: Dashboard -> Manage -> Akismet Spam

  3. Thanks for that, got it now.

  4. I have just started my blog and want to ask, how I could hide the line, “Filed under ….”? What should I do for the categories (an all other information) would became the invisible on my posts?
    Hearty thank you for the help

  5. Not sure what this has to do with Akismet (that's a hint by the way for you to next time start your own thread) but we're not able to edit our themes as we're on a shared environment here. If you were to remove that bit, then you would be removing it from everybody's site.

  6. Now when I try Dashboard -> Manage -> Akismet Spam I am getting an error, so I haven't been able to do anything about Akismet through any page for several hours. Annoying.

  7. So's when folks don't list the error that they're getting. :)

    I was able to pull up my Akismet page without any issues.

  8. I just called up akismet (pressrow theme) and had no problem I deleted 225 spams. Could this and the other problems sh has had be a theme related thing? I'm asking because raincoaster has experienced all kinds of problems that I haven't.

  9. I don't remember the name of the error; that's a function of the fact that numbers aren't as memorable as descriptors. It was a number: 500, 550, 450, I dunno, somewhere in there. Going through the regular way, from Dashboard directly to Akismet Spam is giving me "Cannot load akismet-admin."

    But the problem appears to be fixed now, in that I can go in from Dasyboard to Manage to Akismet spam.

  10. 225 spam in one day?? I thought my 20 - 30 a day was alot.

  11. 1st blog - 225; 2nd blog - 28; 3rd blog - 3.

  12. This should now be fixed.

  13. YAY! But I still don't understand why it only affected some blogs ... not that I'm complaining or anything ... but that makes me think it was maybe theme related.

  14. TT, is it all porn?

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