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Problems with aligning center

  1. Before, to align all the images and text in the center, we could just mark all the text and images at the same time (CTRL + A) and press the "align center" button, and it would all be fine.
    Now, in both FireFox and Explorer, this doesn't work anymore. When we mark everything and press the align center button, only the text gets aligned in the center. And then we have to take each picture and align them in the center afterwards.

    Any suggestions?

  2. pornstarbabylon

    I use this tag.

    <div align="center"></div>
  3. Staff changed something yesterday, just before the long weekend, as is traditional.

    Now, you have to align images when you post them in the Upload box OR use the Mountain icon on the image once you've put it in the post. And the captions do not align at all properly.

    There are several threads on the issue already. We should try to consolidate them.

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