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Problems with Categories etc

  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm new to wordpress and i still got some questions. On my blog ( i want to have 2 Groups in the headline. In this moment there are "home" and "die wahrheit übermich". How can i rename the group "home" and how can i switch the news from one the the other.

    Thanks alot and i hope that you'll help me :)

  2. generaldisarray

    Just to clear things up: there are posts and pages. A post is a normal blog entry that appears in your archives and lives within your blog's main chronology; a page is separate -- it won't appear when you click on archives. With the theme that you're using, pages appear as tabs below the header image.

    "Home" is added automatically as a page. If you want all of your posts to appear on the "die wahrheit übermich" page you have to do two things:

    (1) make a new page named anything and set that as your home page under Options > Reading > Front page displays, then
    (2) select "die wahrheit übermich" under the option that says "show the latest posts on..."

    However, I don't think this will get rid of your home page. The "home" tab will basically be a mirror of "die wahrheit übermich," but you'll be able to have another page be the home page (the page that people see when they first visit your blog).

    I don't think I'm explaining this well, but I hope it helps anyway ;)

  3. Thanks a lot for this, but isn't there a possibility to delete or rename the "home"-page, I understand that it is a mirror to "dir wahrheit über mich" but the button is disturbing me a bit. :)

  4. It's actually not a home page but a link back to your main page of your blog. It's hard coded into the theme that you are using and is not editable.

    It's kind of polite though to give a link back to your main page though which is why it's there.

  5. How do I add Categories? Whenever I try it doesn't do anything...

  6. is thr any posts in the category you're trying to create? if thr isn't your category won't appear in the home page. to add a post in a category you have to edit the post and click on desired category at the edit sidebar on the right. or is the problem something else? what exactly do you mean when 'it doesn't do anything'?

  7. Hi, Im kinda new here. Is there a way for me to add a "back to main page" or "back to home" link in each blog post? I noticed that whenever I use an individual link to a post (say to a specific entry), the sidebar doesnt appear and you would have to navigate back or re-type the address just to see the sidebar. MANY THANKS!

  8. Or well, the bottomline is, I want to put a link back to the main page so that if someone visits an old/individual post (which isnt on the main page already), he/she could easily go to the main page to check out all the other entries, the archives and the other pages. HELP! :-)

  9. We need to see your blog. The link under your name isn't to a blog. Can you please point us to your blog so we can assist you?

    You may also want to remove the 'www' bit from the link as well. 30% of the net and most search engine spiders can't follow that link because of the 'www' bit. It's can't coexist with the 'aeolian' bit.

  10. oh sorry, its thanks so much for the time drmike!

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