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Problems with catrgories, can't display them on my homepage

  1. Hi, I'm a bit of a newb, I'm using the academia theme. My blog is for different English as a foreign language lesson plans. All I want is to have a menu down one side with links to my categories, for example,

    Conversation classes
    Grammar classes
    Vocabulary classes

    So that people can click on the link and see all the posts in that category, surely that's possible isn't it? Been fiddling around and I can't seem to do it. Help! Please!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Ok, I've now realised that I do have a categories side bar, but only when I click on a specific post, not when I'm on the homepage with all the posts chronologically. Is that normal?

  3. It should be on your home page i don't know the reason for that as its there when you click a post.

  4. @robbiodobbio
    You are using a theme that provides the ability to display different widgets on different pages. Please read the theme description very carefully

  5. @dribblingpensioner
    Well, now these days there are no "shoulds". Each theme is individually designed and we cannot make sweeping statements like that and be accurate.

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