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Problems with Custom Image Header?

  1. First a comment on Custom Image Headers: it seems ridiculous to me that you cannot choose an image from your Media Library to be the Custom Image Header - it seems to defeat the purpose of having a library of images at your disposal. Why should I be forced to upload the image header each time I change theme, for instance, when I have that image in my Media Library??!

    Second, a bug: I have just lost my image header from my blog. I'm using Redoable Lite, and it has just reverted to the red banner it defaults to. I did not make any other changes to my blog set up - I just did a reload and then it was gone. Has anybody else had this problem? Does anybody know the solution (if there is one)?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Re your first question: Dimensions vary from theme to theme, and there's often significant loss of quality if you crop the images. So it's always best to upload a properly sized image that will be used as is.

  3. I agree with Antonio, I have uploaded a few images for the banner for my blog but have been unable to figure out a way to re-use those images. I did not save the images locally that I have cropped and optimized for the web assuming I would be able to simply access the uploaded images through the media library when needed. (I don't change blog themes, just the banner from time to time) If there is truly no way to re-use these images, then I will start saving the images locally and go through the process of uploading each time. Will also have to clean-up the media library periodically since the images seem to have a one time use. Again I have to agree with Antonio...not having access to the media library does not make much sense. Am I missing something somewhere?


  4. The images uploaded to use as a header should be in your media library. At least the ones I've uploaded to use as headers are. Once you get the image URL, you can open that in a blank window in your browser and then simply drag that image to your desktop and you will then have a copy of it.

  5. The question was never answered regarding disappearing image headers. I seem to have a similar problem. I am uploading an image to use as the header, it shows up in the crop option window, i click crop (my only option) and then when i go to the blog, nothing. refresh, refresh, refresh. nothing still.

  6. Although the blog in your user name has a "we're moving to blogger" post at the top, I see a custom image with a camera on the right.

    Images generally don't disappear. But they do take time to propagate throughout the image servers of wordpress.COM. So if you don't see it, try clearing your browser's cache (not just refreshing) and see if it shows up.

  7. I have the same problem disappearing image headers. I upload the file, crop and receive the message I can view the header from the blog. It does not appear. I have cleared the browser's cache, the header does not appear. This is the same file I have used for the customer header in the past. The file is listed in the media library but it is not attached to anything.

  8. Can't help without a link to your blog and the site in your user name is not hosted here.

  9. I uploaded the image header 7.5 hours ago and it is not visible.

  10. @wrksolutions: The source code of your page says the header image is "blog_force_logo16.jpg" but its URL leads to a 404 (not-found) message, which means the image is NOT in your media library. In your library you've got "blog_force_logo1.jpg", which I downloaded and had no trouble putting in the header of my test blog (with the theme you're using).

    Did you rename the image you tried to reupload, or did it got renamed after successive uploads? (Each time you upload an image with the same name, it will get a number attached to it to distinguish it - 1, 2, 3, etc.).

    Also, you mention cropping: sometimes the problem lies there. Isn't the image you're trying to upload 770x200px? If it is, there should be no cropping. If it isn't, edit it to the proper dimensions first.

  11. I did not rename the image. I have tried to upload the image multiple times while trying to determine why the image was not displayed. To save space, I deleted the images that did not appear to be working several hours after I uploaded the files.

    I did not have to crop the image, however, after uploading the page is displayed with the image and the croping tool. The instructions on the page are to select the area of the image to use as the header. The file I am uploading nearly fills the frame. The only button on the screen is the crop button.

    I appreciate any suggestions you have.

  12. Re you're first paragraph, that's what I thought: "blog_force_logo16.jpg" was your seventh upload of the original "blog_force_logo1.jpg". At first I thought the problem was that you had deleted the wrong version, but that's not the case, since now I can see you have uploaded "...18.jpg", and this IS in your library alright.

    But the URL of that is . There should be no "cropped-" there, since the image is in the right dimensions. So, as I said, there's some complication with the cropping: you shouldn't be getting the second screen after uploading, but the message "Header complete! Visit your site and you should see the new header now."

    One suggestion: log out, clear your browser's cash AND cookies, then restart and try again.

    Another suggestion, in case the file is somehow corrupt: create a new copy of the image, change its name, edit it in an image editing application (e.g. copy and re-paste any spot) so that you'll have a "reborn" version, and upload that version.

  13. Thank you for the suggestions, I tried clearing the browser cache and cookies, restarting, and I used a new copy of the image renamed and uploaded. When I upload the "reborn" version, I still see the crop screen. Once I select the whole image I see the message "Header complete! Visti your site and you should see the new header now." Unfortunately, I do not see the new header now.

    Could it be something in the style sheet?

  14. I didn't have time to read all the comments above, but if you uploaded the image using the custom header upload feature its not going to word once you have the css upgrade so you have to include it in your css. Try putting this in,

    #pic {
    border-bottom:2px solid #222;
    background:url('') no-repeat;
  15. wait, if the above doesn't work then try this,

    #pic {
    border-bottom:2px solid #222;
    background:url('') no-repeat !important;

    I just added !important, got the idea from here


  16. Hi wrksolutions: Inspection in firefox/firebug shows that the CSS assigning the image as background for the #pic div within the header is set correctly. However, it's overriden by later loading of another CSS file that instructs to load a different image (and possibly isn't valid if you have CSS editing upgrade).

    The germane part of the html (viewable with "view source" in your browser) where this can be seen is here:

    <style type="text/css">
    #pic { background: url( no-repeat; }

    <script type='text/javascript'>/*<![CDATA [... blah blah ...]

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="" />

    You can see that #pic has its background set as desired, but subsequently the link tag loads a css file, and in that css file appear instructions that override the #pic background.

    Not sure what the fix is for this -- looks to me like this is a problem in the theme php -- it's incorporating the user-provided CSS before the theme's default CSS.

    -- Graham

  17. Thank you all for the analysis and suggestions. I restored the default CSS and the header image is now displayed. -Jenny

  18. Hi... I'm new to wordpress and experienced problems with the custom image header feature also. Not sure if this is the problem that everyone is having but I realized that in Photoshop if you are working with a .psd file (photoshop's native format) and you flatten your image so that you can save it as a .jpg that in the "save as" dialog box the name of the file has the .jpg extension but down in the "format" box it will default to "Photoshop". Although this does save the file as a .jpg it doesn't show when uploaded to wordpress. JPEG has to be chosen from the dropdown list of options. Hope this helps photoshop users.
    Jim G.

  19. i can not change my custom image header it just doesnt help me

  20. Could you be more specific about how it doesn't work? And when you leave a link to your blog, please start it all the way from http, so yours is

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