problems with dates and images in albeo theme

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    ok, first of all let me say i really LOVE the albeo theme, it fits perfectly what i had in my mind with my blog at . the problems i ran into with the last new posts are:

    1. i used the caption/frame for the last posts image, set it on the right side and chose alignment left 8pt. instead adding space between the frame and the text it puts the image on the right side inside the frame, and there was still no space between the text and the frame. i posted it now without any space, but with the caption/frame, but that’s not the solution :(

    i posted also on my test blog, so you can see the different results with (image 2) and without (image 1) alignment settings.

    2. the date of a post shows just fine as long as i post just one per day. multiple posts on the same day will show blank fields instead of the date. just the most recent post will show the date!

    thanks for any help in advance!



    ok, i saw just now that the dates show incorrect on the main page only! if one clicks the link to the posts, the date is shown for the multiple posts per day. strange. but still a problem. the main page is the first thing visitors see, so it should be correct there.

    and there’s something else i wonder about: i get no related links, even though the option is enabled. i “killed” tags and categories via css on the posts, is that the reason? or is there another problem?

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