Problems with deleting Posts and Pages

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    i have two posts deleted but they are always available under Manage Post.
    when i open it, they are still empty inside.

    i can`t delete them again, because i allways get the following message:

    “Something strange happened. Try refreshing the page.”

    but refreshing the page doesn`t help.

    also this morning all my pages where emty, but the headlines where still available.
    when i locked into my account, all pages still where there and i have repost them all again.

    any idea ?




    Do you have a link to your blog (your username links to a site off WP)? It might help if we can see it as well to work out what’s going on.

    For the posts I’m not sure if it’ll work, but you could try creating another post with the exact same title, then delete it; I’ve done that for pages before and it’s worked, it removes both.

    For the pages, you could try clearing your browser cache and cookies, see if that helps. It might be a problem with the backend, though, and for that you’d have to send an email to staff through the support link or



    Thanks a Lot for your answer !

    creating another post with the exact same title and deleting it does the trick.

    btw. the link to my blog is:

    first i got, but while some strange things with categories happend yesterday, i delete the blog and now the old url is blogged.

    btw. when i create new categories, only one of them are visible on my site, i thought this where fixed tonight.

    again Thanks a Lot !

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