Problems with editing old posts.

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    Hi! Today I faced such issue: after trying to edit my post, WP freeze after what browser suggest reload the page or skip. Already try everything that chrome is offering. Maybe somebody knows what to do. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    Howdy –

    Do you have any browser extensions enabled with Chrome? Does this happen from a different browser like Safari or Firefox?



    No, totally clear chrome. With the firefox same issue.


    Are you working from a personal computer or a work provided one? What happens when you connect to a different internet connection?



    I posted a question about this same problem, and in the meantime got instructions about using the “classic” old WP editor.

    To get to the old editor, add:


    to the URL for your blog.

    I have no clue what’s causing the problem with the “new” editor, but I was able to edit & update old pages from my “wp-admin” dashboard.



    lizkarkoski Happens the same using laptop, tablet or another connection.
    queenscreen Thank you so much ) Maybe its due to advertising of WP or something like that?


    Good morning –

    Please report back here if either of you are still having issues with this. There was a bug that we fixed this morning and I believe it was related to your reports.

    The details are here:



    Hi! Thanks, now it’s ok.


    Awesome :)

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