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    I’ve seen wordpress is offering support to embed videos from youtube or metacafe, but what about other sites. All my pictures, videos and pictures are uploaded to a server located in my country and there is no support for this one.


    Member doesn’t support metacafe videos, actually. The list of what they do support is here:

    The reason is, we have to be extra careful of what we allow because we’re on a shared blogging platform. That means that all the back-end stuff is shared among all our blogs, so a vulnerability introduced by one person is shared by all 1.2 million users.

    The usual suggestion is to download your videos and re-upload them to one of the services WordPress supports, including the proprietary player. You can also send in a feedback asking for that site to be added to the approved list, but I expect WordPress to concentrate on global platforms rather than national ones. There are just too many.

    You should be able to hotlink your pictures, though, without any problems, as long as that site supports hotlinking.

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