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Problems with exporting images

  1. I am trying to move one of my blogs onto a blog. I am having problems with the images. I can create an XML file and read it into my blog. I tick the link to bring in the photos. I go onto the new blog and all the pictures are still pointing to the blog.

    I have tried to use the Search and replace plugin but as the pictures aren't on the new blog this doesn't work. I found an "obscure" blog that suggested i replace the links before uploading. I tried this and this didn't work.

    Any idea why I can't upload my pictures onto the new blog??

    Many thanks


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. Have you tried asking at the forum instead?

  3. @willcookson
    I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  4. Thanks timethief.

    airodyssey, I'm asking everywhere! No-one seems to know!!

  5. Just one quick thought. I know it ought not to make a difference but does the suffix of the web name make a difference. In other words does the wordpress move care that I have a suffix and not a .org or .com?

  6. The suffix wouldn't matter. Can you let us know the URL of:

    - The new site you're setting up
    - The old site you're exporting out of


  7. Andrew,

    Thanks for coming back to me

    The old blog is

    The new one is

    You will see all the Featured Images missing, and most pictures link back to the site. The first few posts that you see on the new blog have images uploaded by me (and there is a wildlife safari gallery that I did as well to check other stuff). But if you scroll down you will come across the blank ones or where the photo links back and hasn't been uploaded onto the new blog.

    Thanks for any help

    Best wishes


  8. Any news or help that you can offer??


  9. @willcookson
    I have flagged this thread for Staff attention so you can get some assistance from Staff.

  10. I do see that some of the images are still referencing the URLs off of I can help track down why this is but I'll need a few details first.

    What version of WordPress are you running on the self-hosted site? Is the importer plugin that you're using fully up to date? Do you have any other plugins running on the site right now?

    That will help me set up something similar on my side to see what's going wrong with the export file we're generating. Thanks!

  11. Hi Andrew,

    I have the latest wordpress software 3.2.1
    The importer is WordPress importer 0.5

    Other plugins activated are:

    All in one SEO pack
    Awesome FLickr Gallery
    Broken Link checker
    Nextgen Gallery
    W3 Total Cache
    SP Slimstat
    Yet Another Related Post plugin

    Not all of these were plugged in when I installed them but all are currently activated.

    Happy to deactivate or help, let me know

    Many thanks


  12. Hi Andrew,

    Any ideas as to solve the problem?

    Many thanks


  13. Hi Andrew,

    Any news?

    Many thanks


  14. Howdy, I'm going to follow up through a private ticket here. I've tried this with your export file but haven't been able to find anything that would be preventing the images from working.

    There may some details with your hosting setup and configuration that will be easier to narrow down through a private thread. Thanks for your patience.

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