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Problems with footer, widgets and a line

  1. Hi. I just recently changed my theme from Sight to Triton Lite. I have 3 issues.

    1 - I just noticed that there is no footer. I didn't touch the footer so I'm not sure what happened.

    2 - I had assigned certain widgets to appear on certain pages and they are not showing up on those pages. The widgets that I had assigned on the homepage shows up but the other widgets for the other pages are not showing up.

    3 - On the homepage, there is a faded vertical dotted line that I can't seem to get rid of.

    Can someone help me with these three issues?

    Thank you in advance.

    My URL is

    My theme is now Triton Lite

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I took out the site footer code that I had for the Sight theme and I got the footer back. However on page 1 of my Portfolio section, the footer is not the same width as the other pages. Can this also be fixed?

  3. I was able to take out that faded vertical, dotted line. I just need to have the rest of the widgets on the pages that they are supposed to be on.

  4. I got the widgets back on. The pages that didn't have the widgets was on the "Full-width, No Sidebar Template" so I changed it to the "Default Template." I also fixed the footer to where the footer looks the same on each page. Now, there's a couple of new problems.

    The footer area on pages 2-8 in my portfolio section are very high up and on pages 1 and 8, the widget area is at the bottom instead of on the side (note: I did not put the widgets in the middle row widget area).

    Also, on the resume and contact, the dotted line doesn't go all the way down like I would like it to do (I would like to have an even height on all the pages as well).

    Is there a way to fix these problems?

  5. Are you still using the CSS code that you were using before you switched themes? Almost all CSS customisations are theme dependent so will either not work at all, not work as expected, or cause extra problems if you use them with another theme.

    If you're still using CSS that was written for your former theme I would advise removing it all (you can always reclaim it from the previous versions that are backed up!) and then adding the bits you want in block by block to see if they still have the desired effect (and no side-effects) and if not then you'll know what you need to ask here.

    It's often the case that it's harder to achieve what you want if you're not only customising the original theme but overwriting CSS intended for another theme too!

  6. Hi @halluke:

    I went through the CSS code and I took out the things that I had for the previous theme and that would not apply for the new theme. However, the problem with the widgets in the Portfolio section, still exists.

  7. I don't think I've explained very clearly. It is safer to assume that all your previous CSS rules either are either made ineffective or are actively causing extra problems when you switch themes. It's often not the case that you can just delete the rules you think may now not work.

    You have a lot off CSS rules and I'm not exactly sure how you want your portfolio pages to appear. You also seem to be using multiple page formats which complicates things further.

    My advice is still to remove all your old CSS and then add rules in one by one to see if they need to be modified to work in the new theme. This is still not a guaranteed method as multiple rules can apply to the same section and you may not notice problems until the right combination are applied. Hopefully it will allow you to isolate the rules that were working in your old theme and are now causing issues. Just as an example if you suppress all your custom rules the portfolio pages display quite nicely!

  8. I had already took out all the CSS that I used for the previous theme and modified some codes from the new theme to my liking. I did what you suggested which was to put in the codes one by one and I just didn't see an issue of why the portfolio pages are looking the way they are.

  9. I threw the Portfolio page that I had before away and created a new portfolio page because I thought maybe if I did this, that the problem would fix itself (I also changed my work from being in a slideshow to just thumbnails). Now pages 2 - 7 look normal but pages 1 and 8 is still a problem with the widgets being underneath my work and on page 1, the footer doesn't look like the other footers.

  10. Since the sidebar widget is a problem on the portfolio pages, I took the widget out.
    I moved what I had in the sidebar widget to the middle row widget. I had already posted this question on the CSS forum already but if someone can tell me how I can have the contents in the widget (in my portfolio pages) on one line, and also fix the look of the footer on page 1, that would be great.

  11. I got the footer situation fixed. I just had to remove the div tags from the page-links code (I ultimately took out "page-links" and used "page-link" because that was in the theme's CSS). Thanks hallluke for your suggestions.

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