Problems with German Umlauts and Google

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    Hi all,

    I’ve got a strange problem with my blog. Search results in Google that point to my blog look like this:

    Der erstellt nicht nur unglaublich beeindruckende Ãœbersetzungen von einzelnen Sätzen (Dieser Text wird jetzt mit Google Sprachtools übersetzt! …

    (Try, it’s the 8th hit from the top to

    These strange characters Ãœ or ü are wrong. They should – of cause – look like the German Umlauts Ü or ü…

    I asked the guys in the German support forum but nobody knows what the problem is. We figured out that only my blog behaves like this. Other german blogs and Google copes well. I dunno, maybe my charset is wrong!? I use UTF-8, but Google thinks I use windows-1252. We suppose the reason of these problems are, that I moved my blog to wordpress. Maybe the import spoiled

    I’d appreciate your help much. Thanks in advance



    As I understand Google’s spiders, they look at the HTML as a text file. What’s there is there and they don’t translate it like a browser nomally does. That’s why it’s showing up in Google like that.

    My concern is what you’re using to write these posts. Are you using Word and cutting and pasting the text into your post? That’s been known to throw off charsets and may be where the -1252 is coming from, especially if you’re using the rich text editor. TinyMCE has a history for doing stuff like that and it wouldn’t surprise me if this is occuring yet again.


    Gotta admit though that I’m at a loss. (I’m weak on charsets) I would suggest sending in a feedback if you haven’t already. I’m wondering if maybe switching over to the German charset would help. It probably won’t fix your past posts but would help with this issue in future ones.

    I wish I could point at something specific.



    Hi drmike,

    I’m not using word or an other external application for writing articles. I simply use the WYSIWYG editor of WordPress in my Firefox 2.0.3.

    I’ll wait with sending in the feedback for some more hours. Maybe somebody else has got a good idea.



    I;d go ahead and send in the feedback. It’s just before noon on the US west coast and Mark is in the UK which would be about 7pm-ish.



    :D Ok, …. then I’ll do so.



    They get sleepy after their BBQ lunches. :)



    They ARE sleepy already :D Some months ago I sent in another feedback and I got a reply within 3 minutes or so.

    This one was sent 30 minutes ago or so… And no reply yet *grmpf* :D



    Including here reply sent by Mark, “Because Google has the good version and the wrong version, but we display the good version too I can only think that it’s with them. I don’t know how else to explain it, sorry.”

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