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Problems with HTTPS connection

  1. Since WP dashboard have been moved to HTTPS, it turned out to be painfully slow and unstable - I get the "server timeout" errors or simply the blank screens almost every time I want to submit anything. I'm forced to resend every post (every form at all) and upload every single picture a damn number of times - it's very frustrating.

    It's maybe because of my slow outgoing connection (I have GPRS at home) but I work with other sites via HTTPS (e.g. gmail interface) without any problem. It's only problem with my blog.

    Maybe we could have an option to switch to regular HTTP connection for admin interface. I'd be agree to give extra security for sound blogging. Or maybe it is possible to increase the request timeout limit on the server?

    Could anyone help me? I've sent a feedback but got no answer.

  2. It's probably pretty much an either everyone has https to no one has it for the most part with how the backend is setup.

    What browser and version are you using? When I look up your IP address, it tells me you're on some sort of satelite connection somewhere above you.

  3. I vote for using an off-line clients in the Web 2.0 land wherever it possible:
    * MarsEdit (MacOS X)
    * Post2Blog Express (Win32)
    * Deepest Sender (XUL) [last version I saw rather buggy yet]

    all use a MetaWebog API sending plain text pw unencrypted over vanilla HTTP. didn't test, perhaps will work over HTTPS as well.

    one more point rather important for expensive GPRS connection: it takes a significantly less traffic than a dubious web based admin UI.

    ADD: normally, user should be asked which type of connection he prefer, since not all user agents are capable to establish SSL connection.

  4. drmike,
    I use FireFox 1.5 for Linux. I tried to select various protocols in Firefox settings (SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0, TLS) but it had no effect.

    Yes, my incoming channel is a satellite and outgoing one is GPRS. An IP you see is a proxy of my provider - I need to connect to internet via this proxy to my incoming traffic will be redirected on satellite. I thought the problem might be there and tried to connect to with "pure" GPRS - it seems it doesn't matter.

    The blog itself works pretty well, it is a problem only with the admin interface.

  5. Hi Cyberborean, All, I use Firefox 1.5 for Windows XP, and i also getting this trouble with https connection that running very very slow. I've try it in Internet Explorer, but i still got this problem. And its happen with all of my friend that used wordpress, until they used another blog. I still love wordpress, does anyone know how to solve this

  6. operating system windows xp (2003 with all service packs, current and updated)
    norton intternet security
    firefox 1.5 browser
    high speed ADSL connection
    telephone line dedicated only to computer(no telephone splitting)

    running several blogs right here on since April 8th, 2006 with no problems at all - almost instaneous wp https connections

    had a blog at Blogger and it was SLOW

  7. I think that's what I also get too with the server timeout thing and a blank screen. But I go to my homepage after and everything went through and it's all there.

  8. Best bet would be to contact staff about the issue. Include your setup, firewall information and IP address. Without having access to logs, there's little I could tell you. Not even sure if staff would be able to help.

    I will note though that Firefox has had issues with WordPress and other program recently with redirects. From what I've seen, the issue is on FF's side since it's not been reported with any other browser but that's my own opinion.

  9. Yeah I'm on Firefox. I'm not complaining about this. After my whole Blogger fiasco, I don't complain much anymore after I left and came here. :)

    But I'm on Firefox. Before, I still do, but I have the firewall that came with Windows. But because I'm paranoid and have people that hate me, this week I got a new firewall that I bought. But the other day, the computer GENIUS that I am, I wanted to free up space on my hard drive. But of course it didn't go the way I wanted and things like IE went missing and my Paint which I desperately need for my blog. So I did a system restore and restored my computer to the way it was one day earlier (July 4). My friend said system restore destroyed his computer and I'm nuts to have done it. :( So now I'm even more parnoid as hell and think every little glitch is related to the sytem restore I did.

    I asked a few questions to the firewall people and I also had my computer tested online and all ports came back as stealth. :) So they said the system restore didn't destroy my computer but for me to keep an eye open to everything and anything different that happens and to update my firewall daily.

  10. nosy (1)I have my windows firewall turned off and my norton firewall turned on (my techie advised this because there are issues with the windows firewall)
    (2) I have done several system restores over the course of 3 years and experienced no problems at all - you do not lose your recent work
    (3) After my castrophe i made some changes too - if you subscribe through bloglines or whatever to your own feed and then store your recent work on dvd's or cd's every week or two, even if your computer crashed you'd have them.
    (4) You can find out about the issues with firefox here

  11. One of the firewall people I talked to said to backup my computer. I have no idea how to do that. I came across the sytem restore thing by accident. I just Googled 'how to backup my computer' and they said it is "easy" to do it with Windows XP and to just get this CD that I have. I'm like "what cd". I guess that's the new thing I have to learn now is how to backup everything.

  12. My brother (gawb bless him) sent me a manual called "Windows XP Simplified" from marangraphics and Hungry Minds. It contains screen shots and step by step instructions for absolutely everything and has bailed me out on lots of occasions. My sister who lives 1000 miles away in the opposite direction (gawb bless her) sent me Professor Teaches eight cd's. They are tutorials on how to use XP, publisher, outlook, powerpoint, frontpage, excel, access, and word. So here in my house in the woods I taught myself how to do this stuff. I also took the training tutorials here
    I hope this helps you. It's the best I can do from this tiny rock in the Strait of Georgia. I'm sure that wherever you live you've got to access to more resources and people than I do.:)

  13. Drmike:

    I will note though that Firefox has had issues with WordPress and other program recently with redirects. From what I've seen, the issue is on FF's side since it's not been reported with any other browser but that's my own opinion.
    I've been using the latest version of FireFox.
    I seem to have more severe problems on my Y! hosted wordpress blog than on my WP hosted version. On the Y! blog, after I post, I never get returned to my manage page, it just hangs in a perpetual "loading" pattern. Occasionally it returns to a white page with the correct internet address for the 'manage' page, but the graphics never appear onscreen. Often, after posting, if I try to reload any page on my site, it just hangs.

    I shut down my browser, clear my temp internet files, and the problem is solved... for a while, except for the return to 'manage' after posting, it seems to be a manual function, and I need to click on the manage link to get there.

    It's just a speedbump on the information superhighway...

  14. I wouldn't touch Yahoo hosting with a ten foot pole. :)

    I don't really have any connections with the Firefox developers so i really can't help with that.

    As a side note, please don't say "latest version" when discussing software. 99% of the time, it's actually not true as most packages release some form of Alpha or Beta release every day that's not released to the general public or there are multiple "latest versions." For example, MediaWiki, the software running Wikipedia, has three latest versions. Sorry to nitpick but it's caused headaches in the past.

  15. Went to firefox forums and tried a change I saw there in my about:config


    The default is 3, needed (according to the browser's judgement), it was recommended to someone having a refresh problem that it be set to '1', ...every time.

    Now my manage page refreshes @ Y! after posting.

    It might be worth a try on WP's site for anyone having load or reload problems with FireFox.

    Edit #1: Sorry about the 'latest' moniker.
    That should read: "The latest release as seen by my browser's automatic update function. No beta or alpha." to be exact.

  16. I'm using firefox too and not experiencing the same problems at all. One of my siblings says he wouldn't touch yahoo with a 10 foot pole either. Two of the other four of my siblings didn't listen to him and now they have words to say about yahoo that would make a longshoreman blush.

  17. Maybe I'll get one of my cousins over here to teach me. I hate learning new computer things because I'm afraid I'll majorly screw up my computer. Thanks for the info!

  18. I have clients running the 1.6 Alpha for Firefox. :)

    There's a number of "Yahoo sucks" threads over at but I'm sure I have some as well somewhere. (I don't go looking anymore after I found the first one)

  19. What are some of the problems that Yahoo has?

  20. I left that question unasked.
    The only problem I've noticed is the 'hanging' of my admin page after posting, and for all I know, it might be something on my pages that cause this problem. This didin't happen when I first set the blog up

    Someday, in my spare time (HAH!), I'll remove the jscripts on my Y! site one at a time for test purposes... and then anything else that loads from an external site or source.

  21. Nosy, there's a few threads over at that cover the subject. They also have no issue with hosting longtime spammers.

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