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Problems with Image Gallery displaying properly in IE

  1. I have a couple of wordpress sites (theme Twenty Ten) and (theme Nishita) that do not display photos correctly when they go into image gallery mode in Internet Explorer. The images are on the left and dimmed rather in the center and normal visibility. (The galleries display fine in Firefox.)
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  2. You don't mention what version of IE you are using, but be aware that support for IE8 is being slowly removed from November since MS will now longer be supporting that version.

    If you are using IE9, make sure you are not in "compatibility mode" which makes the browser behave like IE7, which is not supported.

    FWIW-I viewed both in Chrome 22 and IE9 and both sites' Image Carousel were fine.

  3. now=no

  4. Thanks Jennifer.
    I have tried on a few different computers with IE8 on a couple of computers. Will try on a few more. Thanks.

  5. You'll want to upgrade to IE9 asap. If you can't, then try Chrome or FF.

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