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Problems with line breaks

  1. In strings with the tag ↵.
    I copy and paste the string in the translation box, and then, I translate it. But when I click on "Add translation", the ↵ tags disappear and it's shown a warning message: "Original and translation should both begin on newline".
    There are the "discard" option, but I don't know if it will bring a wrong display.
    Please, see "warnings" in Galician page of GlottPress.
    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is a bug.
    You should remove extra codes manually for now.

  3. I know the problems when copying from original, then I don't use this feature.
    Translation from Google is working now, but with the same problem: converting characters in HTML code. But select, copy and paste works fine.

    The problem now is with the sign "↵" in the original string, that disappears when paste in translation box.

  4. Can you give the direct link to that translation?

    (Something like this:

    (As a normal user we can't see warnings.)

    The warning "Original and translation should both begin on newline" means that you only need to add a newline in the first line of translation.

    If you use "copying from original" and then correct codes, you won't face this problem.

  5. Link to current warnings in GlotPress Galician:

    I can't fix this in any way.

    Thanks for trying help me.

  6. OK, I fixed all of them. Now the new translations need to be approved.

    I think the problem was related to the number of spaces used in the beginning of lines. (The warning message was apparently wrong)

    If you have difficulties with the GlotPress platform, you can also try using Poedit. (export translations as a "po" file and use Poedit for translating them, finally import the file)

  7. @ludusnaturae: I've corrected those for you. We're looking into it. Grazas pola paciencia.

  8. Don worry about, Zé, it was on weekend. Muito obrigado!

  9. "Don't". I'm sorry!

  10. Didn't ;)

  11. @ irdb: I'm sorry, I haven't see your post before.
    Poedit will be very hard for me, I think.

    I have approved the strings you have fixed.

    Very thankful!

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