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Problems with links in the emails of my blog followers

  1. Dear support team,
    my blog has several followers, and they receive an email every week / with every new posting. This works fine, but there is a big problem with the links to first galleries and second embedded youtube/vimeo-videos.
    These links in these emails just dont work .... they point to a website that says something like "that's embarassing, ... not found ..."

    Perhaps you know, what is going wrong here?

    any help appreciated,
    all the best, Tilo //

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I think it would be easiest if you could forward me one of these notification emails. I am going to send you an email to your email address registered with

  3. sure, please do so , thanks in advance!!

  4. Please let me know if you do not receive the email.

  5. thanks, Josh, I received the mail and I replied .... thanks in advance, Tilo

  6. It looks like someone else may have grabbed that reply. Did you get a response from one of my co-workers?

  7. not yet, but i can send that again ...

  8. I send it again and I copied the subject heading and the number from your mail, [#1874125]

    thanks in advance, all the best, Tilo //

  9. Got it. Will respond via email.

  10. Actually, I changed my mind, I'll respond here.

    So when you said:

    my blog has several followers, and they receive an email every week / with every new posting.

    Are you referring to the automated emails that sends out? Or are you referring to an email that you write and send on your own?

    If that is the case, what are you using to create the email? I'm seeing a lot of odd "/a-5/" and "/e-4/" added onto the end of URL's for some reason.

    In addition, the URL for the "day for night" workshop seems to be different than what is linked in the email. In the email, I see it as

    And on your site I see it as:

  11. Hi, I am referring to an automatically sent email ... so if blog readers follow my blog, and they receive these weekly blog releases, by mail, this is what happens :.-(

    Hmmm, sorry, dont know nothing about the changed paths or names, but actually, some images work (the single ones) and the movies and galleries dont work. It is the same every time :..-(
    any help appreciated!!

  12. i just sent another example to the help-email address, with the [#1874125] in the line

  13. In the second example, what are some specific URLs that are not working for you?

    My apologies for the hassle, but this is kind of slow going to trouble shoot with the language difference and digging through the HTML of the emails.

  14. thanks, well, the first link(s) refer to a gallery, and none of that images can be opened, there is always that text "... embarassing, not found" something like that. The links under "Browser-Strandgut" work, but not the embedded youtube videos ....

  15. I am going to follow your blog and take a look at the next digest that is sent out. This is a particularly tricky problem to look into.

  16. thanks , but I fear, that will not work, at least not within four weeks, because actually, I have just this summer tombola going on for the next 4 weeks :-/ ....

  17. I have a question, Josh / Rootjosh: if you click in one of that two mails, I sent you , on the link to the gallery, or on one of the images from the gallery, or on one of the youtube links ...... what happens?

    Do you see these links? Can you use these?

    Thing is, I just dont understand (sorry, perhaps there is a missunderstanding), what this can have to do with the mail being in German or so..... I also dont think, that it helps, that you follow my blog, because ... afai see that, there will be no new information ...


  18. I have replied with an email.

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