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Problems with loading Coraline theme

  1. My blog: has problems with loading my favourite design: Coraline. I am using Google Chrome and it looks like this when someone is visiting my blog: (Tinypic-link) very frustrating for me and my visitors!

    Does someone have a solution for this theme?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It looks like you were having trouble with the CSS stylesheet, but to me it looks completely normal using Chrome.

    Did you try refreshing the page?

  3. Yes I tried it's a problem that I already have 2 days now!

  4. @greenpenenpapier

    It looks awesome to me. Coraline theme is well put.

    According to me, the issue is with the browser and most probably a slow connection. Try clearing the Browser data and then go to your page. If you're running a slow connection, try waiting for sometime before the page loads.

    If the issue prevails (and you have the Custom CSS upgrade), you choked on CSS most probably and the layout has been disturbed. Try reverting your CSS back to default. That should solve the problem,


  5. Problem solved after deleting all Google chromes browswer files! Thanks

  6. I am having this same problem with chrome and that do I fix it?

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