problems with media upload, Facebook and visibility from web link

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    Just today the media upload on my blog is not allowing me to download files from my computer. I have cleared the history and cache and there is plenty of space as I have upgraded . It has also not posted the last post (yesterday) to Facebook. I have deleted the app as mentioned and reinstalled it but it still has not done it.
    I also wonder why people cannot get into my blog from me emailing the web address. I have to invite them using the email facility on the blog site. Very frustrating!!!!!!
    Pauline Coddington

    The blog I need help with is




    You ought to be able to upload files in two ways: by going to Media → Add New from your dashboard or by clicking the new Add Media button right above the editing area of a page or a post.

    For troubleshooting see



    1. Try flushing your FB cache but disconnect from FB first

    2. Then try the full reconnect procedure again detailed at including step 3 (removing the FB app), which is probably the most important step.

    Note: RSS Grafitti can be used for posting to Facebook walls if you prefer. RSS Graffiti periodically checks the RSS/Atom feeds that you specify and posts any new entries it finds to the Facebook Walls that you specify. You can get any feed written on any wall (Facebook Profiles, Fan Pages, Groups, Events and Application Profile Pages). In fact, multiple feeds to multiple walls. You choose the combination.



    Anyone who is online can access your blog – no invitation is required because the blog is a public blog. The correct URL is http://


    Thanks very much for all this. Several friends have said they have had problems accessing the blog site so I have ended up having to invite them by email. I’ll see how things go. I’ve had a go at clearing Facebook and have managed to get the last post on it but may do the RSS Graffiti thing. Thanks again.



    I don’t know why you friends can’t click the link and access your blog. I checked it out on three different computers and had no issues accessing it at all.

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