Problems with my account and I can't find a way to contact WordPress ?!

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    Can someone please tell me how I get in touch with someone at WordPress to sort out this confusion please there appears to be absolutely no Contact US information that I can find and this is really beginning to upset me now. I have spent a long time working on this site I don’t want to lose it.

    I have spent weeks working on a website with however, I have just been told the site isn’t at the above link?! PLEASE HELP

    The blog I need help with is


    Member indeed goes to an empty URL. Clearly you did not spend weeks working on that. Please give us the URL of the actual website you are talking about, starting with http.


    I don’t understand how i’ve ended up with two account when I followed the information sent to me :-(

    This is another link I have but I don’t understand I only downloaded it once from, how do I make it one account with the information I have written etc. at this ( url without starting all over again?


    Sorry I am very new to wordpress I followed the instructions and I don’t understand how this has happened and I really don’t understand how to fix it :-(. I’ve checked with and I am unable to login so it appears I do not have an account with them?


    I appreciate I probably sound like a total moron but we are a just a couple of mums trying to help others in their hour of need we make no money from what we do and we have very little knowledge of website so I’d be really grateful if someone would help me out here.



    You have managed to have a WordPress.ORG install blog at:

    For that you need help from WordPress.ORG, they are the keepers of the software you are using.

    But a few questions, what are you really trying to do with your blog? It sounds like you are setting up a site to help mothers following giving birth. Will you be selling ads on the site or having other sponsors? If not, then you might be better off moving / setting up your blog here using // – cost you less and easier. Moving the content is not too hard.

    For more on the difference:


    Auxclass I genuinely thought I had the sight at, I am so confused. There will be no ads or anything that will create revenue I will be paying for the site myself with no income from it so yes the cheaper option would be exactly what I need. Can you help? I already bought my domain name and downloaded wordpress to create the site I have no idea how it has ended up with as I can’t even login to their support pages :-( I’m pulling my hair out a little.



    Midnight here and past my bedtime, but I will see if I can get you pointed in the right direction

    First thing you need to do is move your content so you don’t need to type it all again, you export from your current blog and import to your blog here:

    Once you have the blog here set up the way you want it. Map the domain name you have already bought to your blog here:

    Cost $ 13.- / year U.S. dollars

    Once the domain is mapped it can take 24 to 72 hours for changes to reach the far corners of the internet, but changes usually start after a few hours.

    Once your site is set up here and working with your custom domain name you can cancel your old hosting.

    Hosting is free here, but WordPress.COM does from time to time put ads on blogs to pay for the “free” hosting. Some people don’t like ads and buy the No Ads Upgrade at $ 30.- / year U.S. dollars

    I have the no ads on the site linked to my name, I have a couple of four other blogs that I just accept the Ads and don’t worry about them, your choice but did want to warn you about them since they are in the terms of Service.

    You be welcome & Good luck with the move

    the links below should take some of the mystery out of what you are doing

    Support documents & learn WordPress

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