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    hi there, sorry about my english, i hope, you can understand.

    since last week i have huge problems with my blog. it began, when i answered one posting last week on

    although i was logged in, i was asked to leave my mailadresse with the answer-posting. ever since i have to give EVERYWHERE my mailadresse, if i want to answer on any blog EVEN ON MY OWN!

    the next thing is, i have to “klick” to allow MY OWN ANSWERS in my blog. If i did, i get an information, about my own answer in my own blog.

    please help! what is it? a bug?

    thank you.

    best regards,

    The blog I need help with is


    I forgot something. when I posted in other blogs and it was responded, I used to get some information about this in my blog. this also has changed. I get no information about that anymore.


    please help.

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