problems with my community widget and comment/reply function at notifications

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    It seems that the widget “my community” does not work properly on my blog. It only shows the title “community” and the thumbnail images fail to show up. I have tried it over the past few days but there has been no change. Also, today I noticed a problem in the notifications. I received a comment on my blog and accessed it from notifications and I replied via the notifications. It appears that my reply never reached the blogger and the actual comment that is appearing in notifications does not appear on the Comments page in the dashboard. I communicated with the blogger via a “contact me” feature on her site, and I saw that she didnt receive my reply, , even though I had “approved ” the comment in ‘notifications and sent out a reply. thanks for your help.

    The blog I need help with is



    hi timethief,

    it appears that the link for the thread you sent me above where the staff updates has been closed. i received an email from wordpress with a message from zandyring saying that she is closing the thread i started because I am also seeking a solution to the problem on another thread. well, I don’t see where that thread would be. The large thread (the 2nd link you sent me above) never addressed my issue and is now closed. I started that new thread because I didn’t see anyone else with a my community widget problem on the large thread regarding top posts and pages. So where do I go and how does this get resolved? It would be so much easier to have a ticket system and get one’s questions and issues addressed than to be searching through threads that are not necessarily pertinent to the problem . No one addressed it on that thread, and its now closed. There was another thread for social media issues, but my problem is a wp widget, not a sharing, top post, top page or fb issue.

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