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    I’m having problems with my editor When I make a correction my computer freezes. Because of this one of my links are incorrect. I don’t want to go into my editor unless this problem is resolved. I’ve had to close my computer several times in the last 24 hours.
    Is wordpress having problems



    Yes, WordPress is having widespread problems. If you can avoid posting right now, do that. Send details of your particular problems via your Support button, because there are a lot of different issues going on and it’s better than eighteen billion threads in the forums. Then staff can deal with them directly.

    Be as specific as possible when sending things in.


    My link in Roxie Digs News Bites
    see Barack Obama’position on animal rights and a picture of BaracK Obama and Roxie should link to

    At the moment it is linking to ABC News May 19/08 which it shouldn’t

    If you can fix it – it would be appreciated. If not I’ll fix it when wordpress is functioning properly again



    No, nobody in the forum can fix it. You have to send it to staff via the Support button on your dashboard.


    Is wordpress still having problems? If not I’ll fix it myself.


    Support referred me to – they wouldn’t submit make question. Do you anticipate that this problem will take a while to fix



    Oh, god. You’re in the wrong forum. You should have been at all along. I thought your blog was hosted here. Our software is different and our answers won’t apply to your blog.


    raincoaster – when I click through on her links above, the admin bar shows at the top. Is the redirect to appropriate? I didn’t think the admin bar would show if she wasn’t on…


    I’m on Support must have made a mistake?



    It didn’t show on mine, how weird. Maybe because the blip thing takes so long to load. My mistake.

    Yes, Support is incorrect. It’s nothing to do with

    Try to fix it yourself if it’s just a few images. If the first fix doesn’t take, send another Support, and refer to the other one they sent by number, saying “I got message #5749030384048 saying to go to, but I am hosted here” or words to that effect.


    My e-mail to support got through. When I’m in my editor my computer still freezes. Is still having problems?



    NOt as far as I know. What kind of browser are you using? There’s an image upload problem with IE7 where you can’t insert them into the post but can upload, and there’s another problem with Safari where basically everything freezes.


    My browser is internet explorer. I wasn’t able to fix the page that was giving me problems but I had a draft – so I deleted the problem page and published the draft. The editor in my other pages are working. My problem was just inserting a link into text. Everytime I tried this my computer would freeze.

    Could you tell me why my editor overlaps the whole page – is that an indictation that I’m having problems with my editor. Is there a way of bringing my editor back to its normal size. That’s what was happening before my computer started to freeze.

    Also why does my editor sometimes open in the html version instead of the visual editor?

    In my profile I have visual editor checked off.


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