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    I am trying to change the name that appear on my blog when I post. My username is not the same name I wish to post under, so I enter the name I do wish to post under in the Nickname field and then press “save profile”. However, after I do that it still shows that my Nickname is the same as my user name. In the pull-down menu where I can select a name, it simply has my user name three times, and no option to use the name I’ve entered. I would appreciate some help with this, as my username is appropriate for the domain name of my blog, but not as the name for me as the blogger.



    go back to your profile, try putting the name you want in the name and nickname column. save it and see if it works. it really shouldn’t revert to your user name in the first place.



    Thank you for the reply. I did a little investigation and found that anything I save in the fields on the “edit my profile” page does not save. Any idea what could be causing this and how I could fix it? As is I can’t save a name, a nickname, or an “about yourself” section.



    Sorry about that. Should be fixed now! Please try changing and saving again.



    Thank you, Barry. It is fixed now.


    I’m having the same problem. :( How can I fix it?



    Did you follow sulz’s instructions?

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