Problems with notification of posts to subscribers

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    I have 72 subscribers and only some are getting emails when I post – why is that and how can I correct it?

    The blog I need help with is



    I am having the same problem, apparently. I say “apparently” because I have had at least three wordpress blog followers “re-subscribe” recently (and they are now being counted twice each as blog followers. I haven’t contacted them to find out exactly why they had to resubscribe, but I suspect it was because they weren’t getting new posts via email.



    I’m having a similar problem at the opposite end: On a couple of occasions I haven’t received email notifications from blogs I subscribe to by email, although when I visit those blogs I’m still subscribed/following; once, my reader also missed a blog I’m following. Not a big dent in my WordPress enjoyment, but still, a glitch is a glitch.

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