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Problems with Ocadia 1.1. by Becca Wei

  1. I like the design of Ocadia 1.1 by Becca Way. When you see the design it should have two colums BUT reality is that the one with the categories, archieves etc. is totally "grounded" at the left side of the bottomline, when the should have appeared in the right side, near the top. Side by side with the text, so to say. I have tried a lot of the other designs, and none of them have the same problem. However, I like Ocadia and would like to stick to it - IF I can find a way to solve this problem. I would be gratefull if anyone could give me a piece of advice.
    You can check my blog at: and mail me at: [email redacted]

  2. The image you have posted is too large for the container is resides in.

    cut it down to something less than 400px in width.

  3. Well, thank you for the suggestion, I tried it but it still didn´t work so now I´ve added the image again! But another person told me it might be because my browser is Internet Explorer??? Does anyone else have this problem???

  4. Your image is still wider than 400px.

  5. Agreed, your pic was 418px wide when I first responded. It now shows 421px wide.

    Make is less than 400 and see if that clears the problem. And you heard correctly it is partially a IE problem. One of many that piece of junk has.

    Unless you have some unknown power to force all your visitors to use FF or Flock you'll have to live with IE's quirks like the rest of us.

    BTW, smaller pics has the added benefit of giving you more opportunity to post more images. There is a limit on storage size for each blog. If you keep all your images at something less than 250px in width they will take up less storage space.

  6. So... when you upload an image the size it shows up in the blog is determined by what?

    I have put two images in my blog, they both show up way small and I would like to get images to show up much larger.

    My blog is:

    please email me at [email redacted] or leave a comment on the blog if you have an answer. Thanks much.


  7. Dennis

    When you upload a pic you click on it to give some options. Click "use thumbnail" (or similar) and it should change to "use original". You'll also want to click "linked to..." to not linked.

    I'm sorry, but I'm not going to email you as it defeats the object of the forum.


  8. So... when you upload an image the size it shows up in the blog is determined by what?

    As the previous post notes that can be determined by "use thumbnail" or the "use original" option when you click on it prior to sending it to the editor window.

    However "use original" will obviously use the original size. That cuts down your options because if it is larger than your content div your sidebar problem in IE will persist. And the thumbnail option may not be the size you desire.

    If you don't have one already get an image software package (free or otherwise) and use it to make your images the size desirable prior to uploading them.

    This post is an example. Both images were over 800px in width and I shrunk them to the size I needed.

  9. Um, I don't have any pictures in my sidebar or in my posts, and my sidebar now has taken up residence at the bottom of my blog. It looks just fine in Firefox, but Internet Exploder doesn't seem to like it. I don't remember having this problem before I upgraded to WordPress 2.0. any suggestions?

  10. Maybe you're in the forum when you should actually be over here
    Is your blog self hosted or webhosted for you if so please use the link above.

  11. You have now posted on the same matter in two different threads. This is considered to be "spamming the forum" which of course is not a good thing.
    So let's start over again.
    If your blog is self hosted or webhosted then you are in the worng forum and actually belong over here
    If you have a free blog with then you are in the correct forum.
    I assume that your unhappiness with wordpress 2.0 in general places you in the first category. Am I right?

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