Problems with online text editor and editing after post.

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    I can’t cut and paste text in the HTML online editor. When I try to highlight it with my mouse to cut it nothing happens. This is true in IE based browsers, I haven’t tried it in Firefox yet. Don’t know if its the text editor at fault or browsers. If others have this issue I would like to know, since I don’t know what the workaround is. Sometimes I want to rearrange paragraph order but can’t without hitting Control + C, copying entire article from online editor into Notepad, rearranging stuff to my liking, then pasting it back into the online editor again. Time consumimg and not much fun.

    I don’t use Rich Text editor–I do the coding myself–but I’ve messed around with it just for comparative study and found I can cut and paste just fine with it. I don’t understand why I can cut and paste with one text editor but not the other.

    Next issue is my problems editing already-published articles. I open up the editor and for some reason all of my line breaks < br/ > are instantly stripped from the text, and if I don’t re-insert them before saving revisions my blockquotes lump together into one big ugly mess. Why is the text editor stripping my HTML when I open it up to make revisions?

    Another issue is the “Recent Comments” box in my Sidebar. For some reason it often is empty (no text displayed at all) although there are three recent comments that should display there. If you hover with your mouse for less than a second, the comment trailers reappear. If you hover for more than a second, they dissapear again. This is obviously not an issue I can handle on my own but needs to be looked into by WordPress.

    If anyone can offer help I’d appreciate it. If there are forum threads or FAQS that already address these issues I’d be more than glad to read them, too. Thanks.



    If there are forum threads or FAQS that already address these issues I’d be more than glad to read them, too.

    most people should be searching for these threads/faq themselves. just type key words in the search or click on the faq at the bottom of your dashboard.

    however, sometimes some wp forum regulars are kind/nice enough to point you to the right link.



    “I can’t cut and paste text in the HTML online editor. When I try to highlight it with my mouse to cut it nothing happens. This is true in IE based browsers, I haven’t tried it in Firefox yet”

    Yep, this is a problem with IE based browsers. I am stuck with IE at work and hit this problem all the time. Only with my based blog though. I tend to click the mouse at the point I want to highlight and use CTRL+SHIFT and the direction arrow. This will highlight words at a time rather than characters.

    Rather than use CTRL+C to copy when rearranging paragraphs, use CTRL+X. This cuts rather than copies and will remove the text to the clipboard. Makes it less confusing when trying to figure out which bit to delete.

    Spacing out blockquotes etc can be done using non-breaking space (nbsp) code and then carriage return. Most HTML is stripped because of security concerns.

    Recent comments sounds strange. I can’t help with that, but if you report it through feedback (from your dashboard) one of the admins should be able to help.




    By the way – FAQ at the top of the forum and might help with other questions.




    The recent comments issue – I see them fine. Best bet would be to look at the source when this occures to see if they’re even making it to the output. The sidebars are cached so it my just be a one time deal but, if that was true, probably nothing would be showing up in the sidebar.

    Note sure why the <br />‘s are being stripped. I just tried it with the regular text editor and they’re still there.



    Ok, let me re-phrase.

    I used the br tag on my hosted site. it didn’t strip them, but they did get ignored. using the nbsp and carriage return worked for me, hence the advice above. :)



    Cornell, the <br /> tags might be being made into a height of zero if there’s no content there. Might want to give them a min-height of 1em in your CSS file.



    For reasons to complicated/silly to explain, anonymous br and p tags are given no respect. A function called wpautop is supposed to format the post by converting single newlines to br and double newlines to p.

    To facilitate markup-free editing, we do the reverse with br and p tags when saving a WYSIWYG-edited post. To preserve br and p tags for formatting reasons, give them attributes.



    drmike – it was the default wordpress theme!



    Thanks for the words of advice. When I wrote the thing about forums/threads I’d already made a pretty thorough examination of them myself–I was just trying to cover all the bases, ’cause it seems whenever I *think* I’ve got them covered somebody says to me, “Uhh-did you check this over here? Link is…” Well, duh, no, I’m an idiot, I didn’t look at *that*.

    The next time I need to edit a post that has breaks or create a new one like that I’ll do the nbsp thing but to tell you the truth–let me look at “admin, admin, where art thou” for a second–OK, I see, I’ve got the text editor open, and the nbsp/ br /> breaks I inserted a few days ago are stripped out again, which means I’ll have to write the code back in to update that post.

    I just find this the height of frustration. I am admittedly block-quote happy in a few posts, but those blockquotes tell much of the story for me so I don’t have to–be nice if I didn’t have to write the line breaks back in EVERY TIME I UPDATE.

    As for not being able to right-click, cut-and-paste, its the weirdest thing for me ever. I’ve used LiveJournal and Blogger–but this is the first writing platform that’s done me a turn like this. Like I said, not being able to cut and paste on the fly adds on avg. 10 minutes to my writing/coding time, sometimes more.

    I know WP is free but so are the other 2 platforms I just mentioned, and I never have that problem with those. I’ve used LJ for, let’s see, 7 months now, and updated my posts almost daily or weekly–using my HTML editor only–and never had these problems–and I can use all the HTML I want, and it never gets stripped.

    In case its not obvious by now I’m very code happy and very good at using it too so WP feels dumbed-down to me, sort of like, “We figured this out for you now run along.” I like the theme I’m using and hoping for more themes and flexibilty in near future from–I’d pay a little money for that, but WP isn’t moving on that idea. I wonder why not? I’m offering money WP! What gives?



    Regarding the not being able to highlight, cut or paste: I noticed the same thing when using IE. I believe it’s a browser security problem because now that I switched to Firefox, I can do it.



    Agreed. When I’m using *shudder* IE, I have to click at one end of the phrase in question and use the shift and arrow keys to highlight.

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