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    I am using the new gallery layout as default. This looked fine both on a new post, and on old ones. Today I see that (at least in Safari) they are all showing only some of the pics, the whole right side is cut off. I made no changes to the posts, or theme (dusk to dawn), or css in between.

    A “new post” and an “old one.”

    Is anyone else having problems?

    The blog I need help with is



    Don’t suppose this helps much but both those pages, and other pages on your blog, look just fine in Firefox.

    Maybe shut down Safari, or even shut down,.



    I’ve tried, but it didn’t help.
    I have just realised I’ve added the same link twice though: second should be this.
    I still see only 3/7 and 9/16 pics, though they are still visible in the carousel.

    Thanks. Maybe it is a Safari issue.




    I’ve just realised what is causing the problem. I am using a custom CSS, and have set the limit width to 600.

    What is happening is that the new gallery is now (it wasn’t doing this originally) using this width both on the posts, and on the full width template to create the gallery, and cutting of what doesn’t fit.
    Resetting the width to the default 474 solves the gallery issues, I just tested it, but unfortunately it also cuts the picture size in the reader with the same setting, so I can’t do that.

    So there’s probably no solution other than to deactivate the new gallery, until WP fixes the reader issue.

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