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    I’m new to wordpress and I can’t work out how to stop the link when you click on individual photos or make the photo that appears in the link smaller.

    I’m worried about people stealing my images so I obviously don’t want them to be such a large size. Can anyone help me out please? Will I have to go back and upload every photo again to a smaller pixel size?


    The blog I need help with is



    You need to optimize images in low resolution, watermark them, and presize them to fit into the maximum displayed image width and/or sidebar width for your theme, prior to uploading them.
    Troubleshooting Images


    Thank you. I’ve worked out how to remove the link now so the size I choose just comes up. Cheers.



    That’s good to know but don’t kid yourself. If it’s on the interent it’s just a matter of time until any image is stolen. Even watermarked images are stolen.

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