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Problems with post sharing, and blog validation errors (

  1. The problem just started appearing today. I didn't have any problems before. I am using two methods to share links.
    1. Via GetSocial
    2. I copy paste the full URL on Facebook.

    I both cases the result is the same. When i share a post from my blog on facebook, facebook scans the post, then my post title is changed to the website address and instead of the first few lines of the post, it repeats the homepage webaddress of the blog.

    I also tried to validate the blog and I had several errors. I am using and I have no idea what to do to sovle this issues.

    I would be obliged if you could help me out.

    Thank you in advance

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I can confirm that Facebook is messed up today for ALL wordpress blogs, both .com and .org. There's nothing you're doing wrong and hasn't done anything wrong as far as I can see (or it wouldn't be affecting my external blogs as well). It's a Facebook problem and needs fixing by Facebook.

    The validation errors sound like a different issue. Can you paste in the specific error notices you got?

  3. Dear raincoster,

    Thank you for your interest. I have to say that I only have the absolute basic html knowledge.

    I used the w3c validator service and it indicates 27 errors on front page only. Due to their size I cannot paste them here.

    To give you a sample:
    Error Line 85, Column 64: end tag for element "a" which is not open

    <div id="description" class="fl">In House we trust!</div>

    Line 85, Column 69: end tag for element "li" which is not open

    <div id="description" class="fl">In House we trust!</div>

  4. I'm no expert myself at this, but in case someone who IS one wanders by, here's the feed validation report:

    You don't have your title filled in; doing that on the blog under Settings->General will help with your googlejuice. Since you seem to have the CSS upgrade, you can always set the colour the same as teh background so it's invisible.

  5. Thank you very much for your help.

    I do not have the CSS upgrade yet. I will see what I can do about it.

  6. Don't buy it if you don't already know CSS!

  7. I am not bying anything without being sure of its full benefits...

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