Problems with posting showing up on Facebook.

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    I notice a new tab when i want to post on WP for FB, tells me to click if i want it to also go to FB, i do, then nothing happens or i am sent to a screen to click the okay and told i cane make changes in my app settings. my appsettings for WP havent been changed, so why am I know being asked to reauthorize a post every…time and then they dont show up on FB anyways.any suggestion, ideas?

    The blog I need help with is



    Just one: Change your Profile so that the site linked to your name is your blog. We can’t help with other forms of WordPress here.



    1. Log into your blog. Go to your blog’s dashboard -> “My Blogs” -> uncheck “Facebook” under “Publicize”.
    (On the “My Blogs” page, make sure you’re looking at the correct row for the blog in question.)

    2. Reload the page and confirm that the Facebook checkbox is unchecked.

    3. Lo into your Facebook account. Go to “Account” (upper right corner) -> “Application Settings”. Remove “” by clicking the “X” in its row. (If there is no row, don’t worry, just skip this step).

    4. Log *back* into your blog. Go to your blog’s dashboard -> My Blogs -> *reclick* “Facebook” under “Publicize”.

    5. Wait for the popup appear that asks you to “Authorize connection with Facebook”. Click that button.

    6. You’ll be taken to Facebook and asked to “Allow” several pieces. Allow them all.




    I do have the same problem with all of my blogs. Also on my second wordpress acoount did not get connected.

    Funnywise on one blog it worked…

    I did not find the “system” behind the mistake. could just be, that I connected and disconnected too often… maybe the computers involved are blond… as I am…. )))



    If you are running into trouble with the Facebook option for Publicize not connecting properly, please run through the steps Hanni outlined above.


    Also having the same problem. I’ve gone through the above steps 3X and still the next post says that I need to authorize Facebook again.

    Must be a bug of some sort?


    That worked, thanks a million.

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