Problems with publicising on Facebook

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    Two weeks ago my blog suddenly stopped publicising on facebook. I get the following message on the right hand side of my <edit post> page:


    To enable Publicize: Facebook, you will need to authorize your account on The Coastal Path to connect with your Facebook account.

    Click the link below to go to Facebook. You will need to log in and click allow. Facebook Page accounts must have a corresponding Profile at this time.

    Authorize connection with Facebook


    No matter how many times I click on the “Authorize connection with Facebook” link, I cannot keep the link open. The connection is re-established and then disappears immediately.

    I have tried:
    1. Reading your support and forums
    2. Clearing my cache and cookies
    3. Closing down the link to Facebook, both on WordPress and Facebook, and then re-establishing the link
    4. Changing my browser to firefox

    None of this works. Any assistance would be much appreciated!
    Blog url:



    I’m going to add onto this question. I had the same issue last week, but it has resolved. However, now I’m having a new issue. WordPress keeps posting to my personal FB page instead of my fan page. Every single day, I change the setting to my fan page, save it in both places and, yet and still, it changes the next day back to my personal page. Please also investigate this issue how to correct it. Thank you.




    The issue am having with this is that, each time i want to post a new post, it tells me “Refresh to enable posting to facebook”. I have to refresh every time to enable posting to my facebook.

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