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    Hi. Yesterday I switched to the Reddle Theme. I uploaded a header, but the image is just a little fuzzy. It isn’t bad, but it isn’t nearly as crisp as in photoshop, and it doesn’t look as sharp as the images in the blog posts. I created the image at 1120×252 pixels, exactly as instructed, and I uploaded a high resolution jpeg. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

    Also, the photos in my blog posts now look skewed- like someone squished the sides in so the photo looks skinnier. Does that make sense? Is there anything I can do to fix it?

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. In order to assist you, we need the URL of your blog, starting with http:// please. Thanks.



    Sorry- I thought when it showed up at the top of the original question that it would send the url to you. Here it is:




    Either I need new glasses, or I don’t notice any fuzziness with your header image.

    As for the distorted images in the body of your posts, see if this answers your question:

    P.S. The address field you are talking about is not visible to us forum users unfortunately. When you have a moment, go to Users > Personal Settings > Website.



    I thought Internet Explorer might be the problem like you linked to in your answer, so I downloaded Firefox, and I still have the same problem. My photos used to look fine with my old theme, and I think they even initially looked fine with Reddle, but it wasn’t until I uploaded the new header that I noticed they had become distorted. My screen is set to normal resolution. Any other ideas?

    The header isn’t horribly fuzzy, it just isn’t quite as sharp as the original image. It probably isn’t noticeable to most people, but having seen the original image, it just makes me wonder if I can make the header look 100% sharp. If not, I can just live with it.

    Thanks for your help.


    Hi jair. Uploaded WordPress images are set to 90%, which is why you won’t see pixel-perfect, super-sharp images. The number is high enough that differences are very hard to notice. If you need 100% image quality (some photographers need this), then self-hosted is more suitable as you’ll be able to modify code for your purposes. Cheers.



    That’s fine. Thanks for the response. I can live with the 90% image quality.

    I still have a question about what to do about the distorted photos that are actually in the blog posts, however. Any idea about what could be causing that?


    Hi jair. Can you give me an example of a specific photo? I need a baseline off of which to test and your photos look okay on this end. A link to a screenshot would be awesome also, but if you can’t provide that, please tell me at least the specific photo (at least one) that looks wonky on your end. Thanks a lot.



    I’ll give it a try. This is getting a bit more technical than I’m used to, but here my attempt to link to a screen shot.!117&parid=EED51CEE9FFCC20E!114&authkey=!AJRzLIcMEbO1xjk

    Here is a link to the original photo:!121&parid=EED51CEE9FFCC20E!113&authkey=!AD8o-RCJf0MqQqw

    If that one is too subtle to see the difference, here is another from another part of the blog:!122&parid=EED51CEE9FFCC20E!114&authkey=!AA8zZZHnhvaoRqc

    And the original photo:!123&parid=EED51CEE9FFCC20E!114&authkey=!AGQ81-u-CcpJLO4

    Again, I didn’t have a problem with this under the old theme, and I don’t think it was a problem in this one until I uploaded the header. Thank you very much for your help!



    It looks like the links didn’t totally work. For me, if I copy and paste the entire code that shows up above (not just the linked portion) into the search bar they work fine. Thanks!


    Thanks jair. I’ll take a look at this and update you on Friday.



    Thank you so much!


    Hi jair. I’ve taken care of this problem for you. Let me know if your images now look okay. :)



    It’s fixed!! Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it!


    Awesome jair. I’ll mark this resolved and close it out. Please do let me know if you have any other problems like this! Really sorry about the headache.

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