Problems with redirected traffic from old wordpress site

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    Hi, i recently re-directed my site traffic from my old free site: to my new site

    The ‘traffic re-direction’ is working (as far as i know), the problem is that old site (my wordpress one) has suddenly lost all its google search traffic and thus my new site doesn’t get any traffic because of this.

    The difference was that before i was getting 800-900 views per day, now i am getting 100 odd per day on average for the past week since 11th October. The problem could be related to the following which i got on 10th october:

    Google Analytics web property: link has been removed from

    Your Webmaster Tools site is no longer linked to a Google Analytics web property. Possible reasons are:

    You are no longer the owner of the site in Google Analytics, and nobody else owns both the site and the property

    Another site owner removed the link.

    I never ‘removed’ anything as far as I’m aware..I simply added a google verification link to (was this wrong?). It seems like this interfered with my traffic that was coming through my old site to my new one.

    Many thanks for your help.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Jay,

    The messages from Google aren’t unexpected. Since any and all traffic to is being directed to your domain, we’re reporting to Google that the site has moved to the domain and to update their links to the new site.

    As far as how Google is ranking or displaying your site’s content, unfortunately, that is an issue for them as the site direct is informing Google of the changes.

    If you have any questions, please do let me know. Have a great weekend.



    Thanks for that Kraft! I guess i was worried my views dropped because of duplicate content or editing something i should have left. I have some questions however, hope you dont mind.

    *From your experience: Is it normal for the ‘old wordpress’ site’s google rank to suddenly drop? If its not i will chase Google up on it.

    *Should my new have a different Google verification meta to the old

    *AND final one: Should i make my old wordpress site private at some point or better to do this straight away?

    Many thanks. Hope you have a great weekend too! :)



    You should re-verify that you own the new site to search engines – to Google the new site is not owned by anyone –

    Since you have a site redirect you don’t need to worry about setting the site to Private unless / until the site redirect goes away – but you should be able to set it to Private now – but it will make no difference to what you are seeing with search engines today and your old site

    The redirect is telling search engines you have moved – it will take a while for search engines to shift the indexing to your new address for the old content



    Ditto to what Auxclass said. You’ll need to reverify with a new meta tag and, as long as the site redirect is active, no one can access your old site—everyone is redirected to your domain.

    From my experience, I haven’t fielded any other complaints of a sudden drop in views related to a site move done with the site redirect done right (same permalink structure, which your new site has).


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