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    My blog ( is currently using the theme Rounded. Occasionally, the widgets in my sidebar get scrambled, change format, or sometimes disappear altogether; I’ve especially noticed this happened right after publishing a new post. The widgets always go back into place after a day or two, but it gets annoying. Also, whenever I post a slide show on my blog, the show expands horizontally to cover a huge section of the page. Has this happened to anyone else, whether using Rounded or not? Would you suggest I change themes?

    The blog I need help with is


    Rounded is a flexible-width theme. The slideshow is designed to adopt the width of the main column, and this doesn’t work well with themes that don’t have a fixed width. What’s worse, in Rounded the sidebar is flexible too (making it difficult to format the content of text widgets satisfactorily). So yes, I would suggest you change theme.

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