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    Why is tagline overlapping the site title?
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m using Firefox 16.0.1 and I cannot see a Tagline on the blog linked to your username. You must be referring to another blog. Please post the URL starting with http://



    I removed the tagline because it doesn’t look good. I’ll put it back on so you can see.




    Aha! I do see what you mean and this need Themes Staff attention so I have flagged this thread in order to get it.



    Your problem is that the header of the theme is badly designed: the title is designed to take up the left part of the header only, and the font is huge, so this works only with a short title – as in the demo:

    What you can do is go to Appearance > Header to see the suggested pixel dimensions for header images in this theme, create an image in those dimensions, with the title and tagline on it the way you’d like them to be, then go to Appearance > Header again to set the image as your header image and hide the actual title and tagline.



    Thanks for that workaround. I like the theme but the huge header text turned me right off it when I tried it the stacking of one cool site was ugly! Your idea may work for me too if I decide to use Sight.

    I’m leaving the tag on this because the blog title font size can be reduced by Themes Staff and if they do reduce it then more of us can and will use the theme.



    Hi all! Just confirming that Sight works best with a shorter site title, or a site title with shorter words, due to the size and placement of the header text.

    This can be changed with the Custom Design upgrade, or by shuffling things around (in this case, removing the tagline is probably the best solution). You may also try searching for a theme that better fits your content.

    It’s a classic case of “not all themes will work well for all users.” :(

    If you have further questions or issues with Sight, please feel free to create a new topic. Cheers!

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