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    I have been using ‘Almost Spring 1.1’ by Becca Wei as the skin for my blog but have problems with categoreies – i.e. they don’t show up at the front. Is there anything that can be done?

    My site address is: Help would be graetly appreciated.

    Thanks, Nico.




    Have you used the widgets for the theme?

    If you have then my guess would be that you’ve not added the categories widget to the display section.

    Give it a go and let us know.



    What are ‘widgets’. They seem to support the side bar in some way. Why would I need them. There are text and rss widgets but no ‘categogy’ widgets – which is what I have problems with…



    will give you information about the widgets. To configure them go to your dashboard and then got to “Presentation”.

    Above the current theme there is an option called sidebar editor. If you click in there you can see which widgets your theme is currently using. If the right hand box says “default display” then there’s nothing required to configure.

    If there is a list of items in the right hand box ensure that the “Categories” widget is listed in the right hand box.

    With nothing listed in the right hand box the categories show properly. If you look at my blog (not phishing for views by the way!) I have just set it to the same theme with the default settings in the sidebar editor.

    As for “needing them”, you don’t need to worry. All they do is allow you to change the look of the sidebar.

    If this makes no sense I will do some screenshots for you.



    Just played around with this a bit and now understand it. Using the ‘categories widget’ does make the categories appear, but only partially – i.e. it shows the subcategories without parents.

    At the same time, it messes up the original design in other ways because the search widget doesn’t seem to work with the original design (it just messes it up).

    Also, the problem with categories wasn’t always there. It only appeared after it had already worked perfectly fine – so I don’t think widgets should necessarily be the root cause of the problem anyway.

    Any further suggestions? Is there any way in which the style sheet (Almost Spring 1.1 by Becca Wei) could be fixed – because I think that that is where the problem really lies…

    Rgds, Nico.



    I don’t know Nico, I don’t use subcategories.

    I wasn’t suggesting that the widgets are the problem, I wanted you to check them first.

    If you reset all the widgets to the default (ie remove everything from the right hand side) what happens? Do the categories still look wrong?

    What about trying (just try, don’t have to keep it) removing the parents subcategories and see what happens.

    I agree that this is probably a problem with the theme, but if we can provide as much information as we can then it will enable the developers to fix the problem quicker.

    Also bear in mind that the theme wasn’t necessarily designed by the team and it will take them some time to fix it.



    Hi Collin

    It is strange that the categories should work in your case and not in mine (just checked your blog). After all, we are using the same skin.

    Reset all the widgets to the default: That’s where I started, and that’s where I think the problem lies. When I select the default (which is what I have currently got) it simply says: ‘No categories’, which of course is wrong.

    Removing parents, keeping only subcategories: I could and will if necessary try that but somehow don’t think that that’s the problem – remember, it worked fine with parent categories (and without widgets) before.

    What else could it be? Should I forward this thread to the person who has developed the skin (I have already send her an email but so far had no reply).

    Rgds, Nico.


    One other thing. If a developer looks at this problem, could s/he please also try to fix the search widget (see above). Because that way you can actually start using the widgets with this design – which would be great!




    I don’t believe that emailing the theme developer will do any good. The themes get modified to support MU (this version of WP) when they are added. The developer will have no access to be able to update the theme here.

    All I can suggest now is that you submit two separate Feedback items through your dashboard. One for the theme problem and one for the search widget problem.



    Just quickly – I have just sorted some of my links into parent/sub categories and they are still displaying without a problem. :) for me, :( for you.

    Just a thought – change your theme (temporarily) just to prove that it is the theme.



    Having said all that I just noticed that two of my sub-categories aren’t sitting where I would expect them to.

    Hardware and Windoze should be sat under “all the other shtuff” and they aren’t…


    Thanks for all this advise. I have tried other themes and they seem to work fine (but then again, that’s what I thought when I first started using this one).

    About feedback: Where do I post it? Do you know? I don’t know where this dashboard is supposed to be…

    Rgds, Nico.




    When you are logged on and viewing your blog the blue line across the top has the dashboard.

    It’s where you write your posts….

    When you’re there, go look at the top right corner and there’s a button that says “feedback”.

    Clicking it will open an “edit” box which will allow you to send a message to the development team.

    When you send your feedback, please give the URL of this thread to give them all the information.


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