Problems with slider and excerpts with FOREVER theme

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    I notice that if I do not make my articles “sticky” and excerpt and thumbnail of them appears on my home page. Once I make them “sticky” the feature image now appears in the slider (great – I want this!) but then the nice thumbnail and excerpt that I like – disappears! I want the slider image AND the little excepts beneath them. How can I have this theme do both??? Thanks for your help!

    The blog I need help with is



    Note Staff have updated the theme description.

    Posts without featured images assigned will display the full content, while posts with featured images will display the excerpt.

    You can get around this by adding a More Tag to posts without featured images. That will shorten the content displayed on the home page.

    Thanks for bringing this up; I’m going to look at improving Forever’s theme documentation to include this information.


    I had read this before, but what you are saying is that you cannot change this fact, is this correct? Unfortunately, I think most people will not click on the slider to read more of the article. I think it needs to be in both places, not just one. It seems silly the format wouldn’t allow you to have that option!

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