Problems with Slider in Sight Theme

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    hey there, I’m having some problems with my slider in sight theme. When I add a new post and mark it as ‘sticky’, it doesn’t appear in the slider… can anyone help me?

    P.S. I wanna know how to change the link format, without the line under the link, and the title colors… is that only possible with a premium account?

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi @alvarogdcl!

    This looks like the result of a caching issue that we’re currently investigating. Your sticky posts will appear, but there is a delay – it’s a side effect of the older slider that Sight uses.

    To get around the delay, you can use the WP Admin dashboard, instead of the standard editor:

    – visit your site
    – add /wp-admin to the end of your address, like this:
    – Open that address, and use the Posts link in the left menu to view your posts.
    – Use this screen to mark your post as sticky and click Update

    Updating your post from this dashboard will clear the cache for you so the post appears in the slider as expected :)

    Another option you might consider is trying a newer theme with a post slider:

    Most of the themes on that list will not have the delay you’ve noticed with Sight – if you’d like to double check a particular theme, post here and I’ll be happy to double check it for you!



    hey @chad1008 thanks so much for your fast answer! That really helped me. I’ll use the wp-admin site from now. The fact is I like this theme, but some features are a little confusing…

    Do you know if link format and title colours can be editable when I go premium? Or what is the way to do this… I mean, now when I put a link within a phrase or a word, it appears underlined, but I want a font colour change instead. And the same for the titles. They are all in black and I can’t change it.

    Thanks for your big help!



    You’re welcome! There would be more color options available with an upgrade, yes – including the use of Custom CSS, which would let you change a lot of different things :)

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