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Problems with Soundcheck Theme

  1. marielenaspeaks

    Problems with Soundcheck Theme:

    1. Email "Sharing" button does not send email to recipient. This is a Soundcheck Theme problem which I have addressed to Luke McDonald-- and Luke has referred me to the WordPress Support team. PLEASE NOTE: I have other WordPress blogs and I never have this problem. PLEASE HELP! THANK YOU!

    2. The last post I published "To China with Love" was not sent to my Email subscribers.

    3. Widgets do not work consistently. For example, images with links do not work. When you click on the image you do not reach the link destination. This appears to be an intermittent problem-- but ongoing.
    Blog url:

  2. In this case, I recommend contacting the developer directly for help:

    For future reference, there will be a link for the specific Premium Theme support forum under Appearance -> Themes in your blog’s Dashboard, but the theme needs to be active and you need to be signed in as the user who purchased it in order to see it.

  3. marielenaspeaks

    Macmanx: I have been communicating with Luke McDonald (theme developer). As I specified above, it was Luke McDonald who referred me to the WordPress Support team-- because as the theme developer there was nothing else he could test to solve the problem with the Email Sharing button.

    Regarding your note on the Premium Theme support forum: I HAVE purchased Soundcheck for $75-- and IT IS ACTIVE! That is why I'm writing to ask for solutions to these problems.

    Please understand, Soundcheck is a beautiful theme-- but there are problems with it-- and these problems are becoming too time consuming!

  4. Yes, you'll need to post at to reach support for the theme at

    Luke McDonald supports the theme for self-hosted installations, and they have their own crew at who support the theme here.

    You'll need to get in touch there regarding the widget problems.

    The Email sharing button worked correctly for me just now, as for the other post not being sent via email, I recommend checking your email's spam folder.

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