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    I’m not talking about the page About. I’m talking about the first section which appears on the sidebar of my blog ( Some days ago I wrote some informations about me (of course) in that section. But now I’d like to change the content. Unfortunately when I go to My Dashboard > Users > Your Profile > About Yourself ,I write here my new stuff and I click on Update Profile, it tells me that the profile has been updated. But when I go to my site, the content is not changed. There still is the words that I wrote in the past.Where am I wrong? What can I do? Please help me!!!!!!



    The sidebars are cached. It takes a few minutes for them to update. :)


    With the Regulus theme, the about info displayed on the front page is not pulled from your About page. Rather, it is entered in the text box under Theme options. That is why the text on your main blog page is different than the text on the About page.


    thank you!I solved my problem now!!! :)

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