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Problems with the Quote function on Annotum.

  1. I've spoken with the Solvitor about this problem and they say that the quote function does work. But I'm still having problems with it. On the Editor the quote function works, but after saving/publishing and then viewing it (I've cleared my cache and cookies), the quote appears as normal text just like the rest of the text in the article. The text quoted should be rendered as italic in a slighter larger font, and of course, left and right padded so that it looks neat. But it isn't working for me at all.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Working fine in my test blog: quote showed up in italics, larger font size, different font (serif), in a grey frame.

    But we cannot check anything in the site linked to your username other than your intro page. Are you talking about a different site? If not, you should add sidebar widgets and a top nav menu.

  3. Just doesn't work for me. Type in the search field 'blockquote' and you'll see an example of my attempt to get the blockquote working.

    Also, I've tried adding sidebar widgets and they don't work either.

  4. Solvitor have just said that my PC operating system may not support Annotum. Why would this be?

  5. a) That's formatted as a plain paragraph. Did you try it in the Body section? What are the exact steps you tried? And what's your operating system, browser, and browser version?

    b) I replied to that in your other thread. Annotum has a changing sidebar. You have successfully added the Archives widget to the Article sidebar. Since you've set your front to display a static page, for you front you must add widgets to the Page sidebar.

  6. Here's what I did. I created a short paragraph. Then I created a blockquote. Then I created another paragraph. And then published it,


    The first jpg image shows me using the quote. No problems.

    After publishing the quote has changed into normal text as you can see from the second jpg image.

  7. Also I noticed that if I change anything in the bulk edit section - like 'allow/disallow comments'. It completely changes the formating of all the text in the article. That's not my issue however.

  8. Also you can see from the the second jpg image that some of the text has been bunched-up without me manually changing it: 'is a' becomes 'isa'.

  9. My browser version is IE9.

    My operating system:

  10. My Firefox broswer doesn't support the Annotum interface at all. Can't do anything with it.

  11. Was just looking at other blogs using this theme. I hope they don't mind me quoting from their site but I couldn't help noticing the errors in the blockquote:

    The quotation marks are upside down and are inserted wrongly. I think there is a bug with this theme. Can the staff get onto it?

  12. Can you please contact us in Support directly about this and other problems with the Annotum theme?

    Annotum is a partner theme and so we need to pass on this information to the team that is working on it after we test what you've reported. The fastest way to do this is to have you contact us directly.

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