Problems with the 'sourcecode' tag.

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    Hi guys.
    I wish to share this code on my post:
    The only way I can embed it from pastebin is using either the ‘script’ or ‘iframe’ tags, but, since this tags don’t work on wordpressdotcom, I use the suggested ‘sourcecode’ tag to share it directly on my post.

    The problem is that it ends up showing only this instead of the full code. I made sure I specified the language as HTML, but I didn’t anything wrong… I think xD

    I hope you guys can help me, thanks beforehand :D

    The blog I need help with is




    For security reasons, users aren’t allowed to include certain types of code, including Flash, into blogs.

    See for the types of code that are, and are not, allowed, on blogs.

    If you’re trying to embed that code on your site, therefore, you will not be able to do so. If you simply wish to share the code with others, linking to it as you have here may be a viable option.


    So, I can’t… either way :(
    Do you know of a service like pastebin than can embed code on WordPress dot com?



    Again, if you want to execute embedded code (like a javascript widget), you may be out of luck.

    However, if you want to *share* code, this should be helpful:


    With the sourcecode short code, always put it, and the code you want to display into the HTML tab in the editor.

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