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Problems with Top Posts and Pages Widget

  1. The gravatar is also showing up on Facebook and Google + Pages, instead of the images in the blog posts. Thanks for looking into this problem which has been on-going for several days now.

  2. Our developers are investigating the issue with a user's Gravatar mistakenly appearing in the Top Posts & Pages widget, as well as when posts are shared via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels.

    I will keep everyone updated here.

    There's no need to let us know if your own site is experiencing the problem. Once it gets fixed it'll be resolved for everyone. :-)

    Thank you for your patience.

  3. Thank you Kathryn

  4. These issues should now be fixed. We're sorry for the inconvenience!

  5. woohoo the correct images are now showing on the WP side, i do not use virus book , so i can't speak for that!

    Thanks for quickly fixing it!

  6. Looking good. Thank you!

  7. "Top Posts" works correctly again, right. Thank you.

    But "Posts I like", where this issue occurs too, still shows only the gravatars.

  8. fosterb - thanks, I've asked our developers to look into this.

  9. sharing to facebook still shows gravatar...

  10. @kathrynwp - "Top Posts" works correctly again, but sharing to facebook still shows gravatar

  11. Hi bstroud1 - if you had tried to share a post earlier on Facebook where the Gravatar showed up, then Facebook still has the old, incorrect, thumbnail in its cache.

    This is a tool provided by Facebook where you can paste the URL of any individual post where this is an issue. Just paste it in the text field and click Debug, and that''ll force Facebook to retrieve the new thumbnail for the post:

    I just did that for your most recent post - "Featured Artist… Diane May!" - and it worked. :-)

  12. stergiog - please see my note to bstroud1 above.

  13. fosterb - Posts I Like should now display correctly.

  14. Thanks WordPress team my widget for "Top Posts" is now working! :) ):

  15. kathrynwp - Yes, It does. Thanks for quickly fixing this bug.

  16. foodandtools & fosterb - great, glad to hear it.

  17. Fixed problem with the widget on my blog. Thanks!

  18. belladonichaze

    Thank you for fixing! :)

  19. It's working! Thank you! :)

  20. sharing to facebook works correctly again. Thank you.

  21. Thank you Kathryn!

  22. Thanks for getting this fixed :)

  23. detailsanddeco

    hi , I have the problem in facebook (i think i fixed with you advice) but in tumblr too. before the problem i have always the photo of the post, now i only have the text.
    my blog is

  24. It sounds like the Top Posts & Pages Widget and Pages I Like widgets are now working, but there may still be some issues with sharing on Facebook.

    If anyone is still having issues with social-media sharing, please post in this thread:

    detailsanddeco - I will answer you over there.

    This thread will now be closed.

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